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Chapter 04: Title Page
Originally posted on:05/14/2007
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Chapter 04: Title Page

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Detail, yay!
And we're underway! Although I'm glad I took the last two weeks off, as it allowed me to get a lot of work done which is really going to pay off throughout chapter 4, I'm pleased to be updating again. I tend to get very frustrated when the story isn't moving forward, and I imagine it can't be much fun for you guys either.

Today's Title Page features my newly improved models of Niobe and Kari's Scimitar (with a new paint-job, so it doesn't look like a Republic fighter any more). This is one of the many things I have been working on during the filler weeks.

I can't believe I forgot to mention this on Friday: I've uploaded a new video tutorial to You Tube, this time explaining how I create my explosions in Photoshop. It assumes some basic knowledge of the software, but I'm hoping that people might find something useful in there:

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