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Filler: Unused Panels
Originally posted on:05/02/2007
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Filler: Unused Panels

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Deleted scenes and outtakes
Some panels are relatively easy to complete, and from time to time I will render three or four different versions of a panel before settling on the most successful form. However panels which require extensive post-work in Photoshop or Illustrator can take a lot of time and effort, so it's always frustrating when I don't end up using such a panel. Here we see a few from Chapter 3.

Most of the time I don't really regret the decision to redo a panel, because the effort I made the first time around really pays off in making the second attempt more successful. But it would make me happier if I could get it right in the first place. The key problem with redoing panels is that if I'm coming close to my upload deadline, it becomes a luxury I can't really afford. Thus most of my unused panels from chapter 3 are from pages which I completed before my cyst started giving me a hard time. The cyst really cut into my productivity, and the last few pages were thrown together only hours before they were scheduled to go online - this is why page 29 had so many cheats in it. If I had had a buffer of two or three pages, which I prefer, then I would have taken to time to fix those errors.

I've written an article for Comixpedia on the relationship between Science Fiction and Fantasy. It's not entirely boring.

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