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Chapter 03: Page 30
Originally posted on:04/23/2007
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Chapter 03: Page 30

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Oh give me a home, where the barrow-wights roam...
This is the second last page of chapter 3, Friday's update will be the last. As usual I plan on taking a short break before beginning the next chapter, though I'll continue to update will filler pages. I might take a longer break than usual, because I'm still receiving treatment for the cyst (less frequently than before, but it's still a nuisance), and I really want to get a good start on Chapter 4 before I start uploading new pages. I'll let you know on Friday exactly how long I'll be taking off.

If anyone's playing Lord of the Rings Online, search for me on the "Vilya" server and say hello. I have two characters, named "Beostan" (a lore-master of Rohan) and "Namariel" (a hunter of Rivendell). Maybe we can go and hunt some orcs together!

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