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Prologue: Page 11
Originally posted on:06/05/2006
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Prologue: Page 11

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New page, new wallpapers and more...
Page 11 should be up now, featuring one panel I'm particularly proud of. I had a lot of fun making that HUD!

I've made a couple of improvements to the site. First of all I've added a couple of new wallpapers to the extras section. One is of Control (aka 'Bob'), the other is of Kari. If you have any suggestions for further wallpapers, sign up for the Crimson Dark forum and let me know.

Secondly I've added a RSS feed to make it easier to keep track of new pages and news - just click the link in the navbar.

I'm really pleased by the feedback you guys have been providing. I'm delighted to see that people like the comic so far, and I'm enjoying the speculation about where the story is headed. I'm working on the script for chapter 1 at the moment, which won't appear here for a few more weeks yet, but I can't wait to show you! Also, keep the constructive criticism rolling in, it's been extremely helpful and very encouraging. I thought the internet was supposed to be full of morons and jerks, but I don't know where they've gone because you guys have been very kind!

Finally, if you're enjoying Crimson Dark, please spread the word, the more, the merrier.

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