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Chapter 03: Page 27
Originally posted on:04/13/2007
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Chapter 03: Page 27

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Before anyone complains about the size of the explosion, keep in mind that we still don't know what the freighter was carrying.

Thankyou for all the well-wishes regarding my back. At the moment I have to go into the medical centre every day for treatment. They cut the cyst open on Monday and are continuing to leave it open so it can drain, thus relieving the pressure as the anti-biotics do their work against the infection. Every day the dressing needs to be changed, and they drain a little more. Essentially it means that I've had an open wound in the middle of my back for the last five days, with every indication that they won't be ready to close it for another couple of weeks. There's less pain than there was on Monday, but it's still pretty intense, and I'm doped up on codeine. One of the most annoying aspects is that since I don't have a car (and probably shouldn't drive under the circumstances anyway), I need to ask other people to drive me into Penrith every day.

At this point, I'm afraid I can't guarantee that there'll be a new page ready for Monday. I'll do my best over the weekend, but no promises.

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