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Chapter 03: Page 16
Originally posted on:03/05/2007
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Chapter 03: Page 16

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For hanging things
Another new set, Niobe's Hanger (featuring newly-acquired Scimitar). At the far end of the hanger you should be able to see the two airlock doors raised. Normally this opens to space, but since Niobe is currently docked at Espenson Station you can see the connecting tube beyond (with a ramp between the tube and Niobe, since they're not a perfect fit). Many thanks to JT of the Gigcast for some very constructive feedback as I was building this set.

I'm trying out a new style for my speech bubbles, we'll see how they go.

I'm also trying to find out how people came to find Crimson Dark. This is partly to try and find out how effective my Project Wonderful ads are, but mainly for curiosity's sake. There's a poll in the forum, so head over there and let me know!

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