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Chapter 03: Page 13
Originally posted on:02/23/2007
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Chapter 03: Page 13

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Ahh well, I didn't win "Outstanding Science Fiction Comic" in the WCCAs, but that's hardly surprising. I was delighted to see that Girl Genius received that particular honour - it's well deserved. Go and and check them out, it really is professional-grade work.

As usual, there's been a lot of controversy surrounding the WCCAs this year. People have complained about the number/types of categories and technical difficulties in the nomination/voting process. These are fair criticisms, but we need to remember that these awards cost us nothing and are run by volunteers who surely have better things to do with their spare time than try to make sense of our ballots. If we want the WCCAs to be run more smoothly, then maybe we should volunteer to help out, instead of just sitting back and sniping.

Others have called into question the worth of the awards, claiming that it's just a bunch of webcartoonists patting each other on the back - some people even think that the awards are just too *nice*. Frankly, I think that if these people have nothing positive to contribute, then they really should hold their peace. The webcomics community (if it can be called that, it's more like a loose association of isolated families) has more than it's fair share of bitching already, we don't need any more. The WCCAs are notable because they exist so that webcartoonists can recognise and praise each other's work, and I think this is highly commendable. Let's not focus on the negative, let's not waste our effort by destroying others when we could be building them up with our encouragement and support. Let's focus on creating an actual community, filled with active, vibrant, friendly people.

(This is why I love being a member of NightGig!)

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