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My Book
Originally posted on:08/17/2020
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My Book

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It's full of words
I hope you don't mind a brief interlude to promote my upcoming book, releasing 22nd August (this Saturday!)

Drace Talker is fantasy novel for teens and adults, and represents most of what I've been doing when I haven't been working on Crimson Dark. There aren't any cyborgs or spaceships, but there are dragons, mages, muskets, and cannons.

The cover art for the book is by the extraordinary Luisa Preissler, but if you want to see some more of my own art then check out the book trailerthat I made.

You can pre-order the ebook from various online retailers listed here.

I'll promote the book again after it launches, but it's back to cyborgs and spaceships on Wednesday.

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