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Chapter 03: Page 11
Originally posted on:02/16/2007
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Chapter 03: Page 11

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Lots of stuff to mention!
The fifth panel in today's page was the subject of the video I put up a week or so ago, so if you want to see how that panel was made, click here.

I've done another interview, this time for Fleen. Jeff asked some really interesting questions, and I really enjoyed answering them, so check it out.

Meanwhile, to everyone who came here from A Miracle of Science, welcome! Thanks for dropping by, I hope you enjoy your stay. Many thanks to Mark for the shout-out.

Finally, e-frontier have very generously given me a copy of Poser 7 to work with (until now, I had been using Poser 6). I haven't had much of a chance to look at it so far, since I've spent most of the last few days building sets and spaceships, but my first impressions are that they've done a great job of increasing the program's stability and performance, while adding some great new content and features. Dual-processor support and back-face culling make everything move much more smoothly, and the long-overdue addition of "multiple-undoes" makes working in Poser a much less stressful experience. The great news is that it's fully compatible with content made for previous versions of Poser, so I can keep working with all of my established characters without any need to update/change them. Meanwhile the new figures are more flexible and life-like, broadening my options for the future. Apart from some problems with the software's .OBJ exporter (which I hope will be fixed in the first Service Pack), this is a very sleek package which is definitely going to increase my productivity.

::EDIT:: Poser 7's .OBJ exporter works just fine, it turns out the fault was mine :)

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