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Chapter 03: Page 10
Originally posted on:02/12/2007
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Chapter 03: Page 10

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Time is an illusion
I had a lot of fun building the set for today's page, moreso than usual. I'm particularly pleased with how the wine rendered, that took a lot of experimentation. If it feels like this chapter is jumping around a lot, that's okay. It's meant to.

Woah, I just realised that this is the 100th page of Crimson Dark! That came out of the blue, how'd I get this far?

If you're heading down to Megacon in Florida this weekend, make sure you stop by the NightGig booth and say hello. No, I won't be there, on my budget I can barely afford to catch a train into Sydney, let alone fly all the way to America. But there are going to be some very cool people there who would love to see you, with a copy of my Calendar for you to look at as well as some flyers for handing out.

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