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What is Crimson Dark?
Who made this?
How did Crimson Dark Begin?
Why is it called Crimson Dark?
Have you made any other webcomics?
How do you make Crimson Dark?

What is Crimson Dark?

Crimson Dark is a Sci-Fi webcomic (ie: a Science-Fiction comic book, published online). It began in 2006, went on hiatus in 2012 when I started work at BioWare, and returned in 2016.

Who are you?

I'm a story-teller. My background is in Theatre, but I also have qualifications in fine arts and game design. I've worked for animation studios, mostly in compositing and as Technical Director, and I worked as a writer at BioWare Austin for a time, where I created content for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

How did Crimson Dark begin?

Crimson Dark began back in High School where I would frequently doodle starships when I should have been taking notes. This might explain my performance in exams.

It was in 1997 when I was studying Theatre Theory and Practice at University that I started to create the universe of Crimson Dark. I daydreamed about a story set in the future featuring a great war between Earth and a mysterious alien race. Not particularly original, I know. I played with the idea, imagined a number of different stories, but most of my time was spent working on ideas and themes rather than actual characters. In the end, this version of Crimson Dark came to nought.

The idea resurfaced in May 2006 when someone, while browsing my gallery at DeviantArt, said that one of my images would make “great panel in a graphic comic mag”. Encouraged by this comment, and the fact that one of my submissions to DA had been selected and featured as a ‘Daily Deviation’, I decided it was time to revisit Crimson Dark. The setting is vastly different, but some of the key concept remain – and this time I actually have some characters, huzzah!

Why is it called ‘Crimson Dark’?

This is plot-related, and should be explained if you read through Chapter 2.

Have you made any other webcomics?

This is my only webcomic. I have, however, published a fantasy novel.

How do you make Crimson Dark?

I use a combination of different software, but most of the work is done in Cinema 4D. The process has changed considerably over the years, and I hope to provide a more detailed explanation soon.



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