The Introduction Thread

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Re: The Introduction Thread

Post by RageFury » Wed May 18, 2011 6:39 am

Hello everyone!

Was looking for a sci fi graphic novel to enjoy in my new iPad and found Crimson Dark. I've found it very enjoyable ... Even the daily rantings which everywhere else I usually skip.

4ish from a point between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea... Yes, I live 5 minutes from the beach but don't visit it. I personally prefer rainy days in the mountains.

Keep up the good work David!

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Re: The Introduction Thread

Post by Brock » Fri Apr 21, 2017 7:24 am

I'm 32, from west coast USA, and I love herbal teas.

This is one of my favorite web comics, out of hundreds I have explored. I first caught up to the point where David had taken a break, right when he was announcing he was starting CD again, and have been keeping up with it ever since. Recently started reading CD from the beginning again, since it has been a while =)

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Re: The Introduction Thread

Post by NefariousDrO » Tue Aug 07, 2018 10:54 am

I'm not really new here, but I'm not sure where to toss this out so I'm dropping it here.
I'm curious about the readers here: How many of you work with 3d cgi software? I'd be curious to hear what people who do use them recommend. I've used Bryce for ages, but have been increasingly frustrated at how it's been largely stagnant for over a decade now. What's a better option?

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The Introduction Thread

Post by Remcow » Mon Nov 19, 2018 6:06 am

i dont watch much tv......but is that guy in the bottom right hand corner of that pic west-siding??? hahahahhaha

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Re: The Introduction Thread

Post by 1234 » Sat Dec 29, 2018 8:21 am

Hope it's the right topic. Anyway, I'll just live it here. Don't have much to say about myself besides that I'm from Russia, so Crimson Dark is one step closer to the absolute worldwide fame ;)
Whatever. I just want to express my gratitude to the author. David, you've just got another fan! I stumbled into Crimson Dark pretty much by chance, and I absolutely LOVED it from the first page.
There're many reasons for that: you've created amazing world, characters, plot, etc. However, most importantly, I am a huge fan of Firefly. For years I've been searching for something similar, something resembling it's atmosphere, it's amazingly compelling badass characters and hellishly witty dialogues. (The dialogues in CD, buy the way, have been absolutely great since the very beginning; characters' words are not only fun but also sometimes really wise) I've seen plenty of novels, comics and movies that copied some of its elements, but only few, imo, really managed to achieve what I said. You seem to be Firefly fan as well, so I believe you understand what I'm talking about. And you've DONE IT! Readind CD I had just that same feel. And that is, in my opinion, the best compliment to such a work I can ever make.
Honestly, I don't much like comics in general - I'm more of a book-reader. Nor do I especially like comics that use 3d graphics (and, no offense, but your graphics seems a bit obsolete nowadays). But none of that mattered! Your characters and stories are so amazing, that I was dragged immediately.
I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your work. You have my eternal respect for doing this on your own, absolutely for free. And I really hope that you'll keep writing, and CD will continue for a long, long time. Pity it's not as succesful as it deserves. It would've made a great TV series;)

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The Introduction Thread

Post by Warnersip » Thu Jan 17, 2019 12:52 am

Hi there Im fast-1 and a slow one to this thread.

You be pleased to hear that they are making an Ash vs Evil Dead TV series Alyxx.
But you probably already know that.

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Re: The Introduction Thread

Post by Miz » Fri Apr 26, 2019 9:34 pm

Not much to say. I've been reading CD since mid-2011 I think, and never really got around to registering here for some reason.

Thirty-six years of age, northern Norwegian, ambulance worker, read/write/watch metric fugtons of sci-fi and have a particular fondness for post-human (read: Whisper) stuff and the Collective's shared consciousness makes me giddy as it's one of those things I love to see explored in sci-fi. I'm also quite intrigued by the use of 3d rendering for the art. It's rather impressive and unique in its own way.

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Re: The Introduction Thread

Post by Flushmaster » Wed Sep 04, 2019 11:50 pm

Hola! I first learned of Crimson Dark when a friend told me about it in 2009 and became a regular reader until it stopped after the Battle of Farhaven. I just recently came back out of nostalgic boredom to do an archive binge for some quality space Opera and was quite pleasantly surprised to find it was back with a few years of new material. And now I'm caught back up and my only complaint is that I have to wait in between pages again.

If David is reading this, keep up the awesome work, I love Crimson Dark. I am a lazy yet aspiring sci fi and fantasy writer myself and if I ever manage to put together a story as good as this I'll be thrilled and probably have to restrain myself from going on an ego trip. The plot is engaging and has good twists, world building is great, the characters are deep, believable and relatable, and I love me some really pretty pew pew boom boom. And CD is visually gorgeous. (Edit: I am also a huge sci-fi tech geek and CD is like an amusement park for me in that regard with the the ships, stations, cybernetics, weapons, FTL travel and communication, interstellar internet, and all sorts of cool gizmos all over the place).

On a side note, it seems that my encounters with folks from down under automatically involve space ships, as the leaders of my Star Pirates fleet are Aussies. While a webcomic and a browser game aren't much of a solid foundation for a reasonable expectation, I am tempted to book a vacation to Australia and see if aliens or men in black or somebody else with interstellar flight capability show up.

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The Introduction Thread

Post by Emilejep » Sun Oct 20, 2019 2:01 am

Im not, TNA just doesnt deserve its own thread because its 98 awful.

Also just curious, so dont get all defensive and such... but why do you use hashtags outside of Twitter?

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