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Re: The Introduction Thread

Post by Copatek » Thu Dec 10, 2009 1:27 am

Hi I am from europe... more precise from Slovenia... one of the former republics of Yugoslavija....

I was born in 78 and I love donuts and girls... not neseserly in that order... or may be.. hehehe

I like ti play strategy games on my pc... Ground control, Operation flashpoint, Oficers, etc....

Big fan of Star trek and Sci-fi movies...

When I first saw the comic I couldn`t stop reading it and it changed my life...

I am a big fan of Crimson Dark... because of it`s reality in physics and story... mostly the politics of the war.

It is not so far-fetched as other comics are.

Continue with great work...

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Re: The Introduction Thread

Post by mysticjim » Fri Dec 11, 2009 10:32 am

Hey there,

I'm Jim from Bristol in the Southwest UK. I'm 32, am a Senior Financial Administrator by trade(sounds more impressive than it is!) at Bristol University, I've been a part-time rock musician(I play guitar, bass, bit of drums, even less keys - but only one instrument at a time, naturally!) and currently i run a part-time/budget recording studio for local unsigned bands.

As well as music, which is probably my big passion in life, I've recently got into 3D graphics - I love being artistic but can't draw or paint to save my life, I've always been on the lookout for a creative way to express artistic ideas that I've had - I've tried photography and photo manipulation, but I've always come up short in creating something from scratch. I first became aware of webcomics after discovering Alien loves Predator - damn I love that comic! I was inspired to try and make my own using a camera and posing action figures, which was fun but ultimately a bit limiting! And anyway, its been done so much better by a lot of people before me! Then I discover first the Bryce 3d package, then Daz Studio - both free and not so technical that I couldn't get to grips with the basics pretty fast.

While looking to see if there were many 3D webcomics out in internet land - I came accross a whole load of varying quality, most being pretty awful! A few weren't too bad, but mostly I found half completed stories that just stopped in mid-flow because the author gave up or dead links to comics that had long since folded. Then I discovered Crimson Dark about two weeks ago, long running, visually stunning and very well written. I'm still only upto the start of chapter 8, but catching up fast, I totally love it.

I'm planning to produce a webcomic of my own soon, I doubt very much if it reach the visual heights of CD, but I'm just starting out - its not to make me rich or famous, its just to visualise a few ideas that have been knocking around inside my brain for far too long without a viable outlet! And CD is proving to be a great inspiration, I love the detail in the art, and the way we're treated to lots of 'behind the scenes' insights into the creation of the comic.

Anyway, I'm off to read more Crimson Dark, then probably spend an hour or so designing some new characters or sets for my own comic - one day soon I hope to let you guys know when I've uploaded it somewhere, til then I'm still working on my technique!

Long live CD.


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Re: The Introduction Thread

Post by KJ_A » Tue Dec 29, 2009 6:56 am

Hi, I am Karl and am a Library and Information Science grad student from the USA midwest. Crimson Dark was one of the first web comics I found and at present the only one I really follow. I have to say that your art and writing are good and I have enjoyed seeing how your skill has improved as the chapters progress.

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Re: The Introduction Thread

Post by Joe1947 » Tue Jan 05, 2010 6:43 am

Good Afternoon (12:30 here) from the Seattle, WA area, where we take our caffeine in nealy all forms (sans intravenous).
(My personal motto is: "If it pours, it's not strong enough.")

I'm 62-going-on-18, ex-USN and a sci-fi addict. As I aged, my chili's skovill units have dropped considerably, although I
occaisionally relive "those thrilling days of yesteryear" just to keep Prilosec in business.

CD gives me another reason to appreciate our friends "Down Under", in addition to the beer, vegemite, Taronga Park
Zoo and the pubs in and near Circular Quay. (Where I adopted the word: "Schooner" as my favorite word in Australian.)

Happy New Year, all.

"Cheap" Uncle Joe

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Re: The Introduction Thread

Post by Medik 47 » Tue Jan 05, 2010 11:25 am


Like Uncle Joe I was born in 1947, unlike Joe I was an Army ground-pounder (medical type). I'm a Yank from "sunny" Lakewood ( a suburb of Los Angeles), California. I'm also a WASP, a Sci-Fi fan from the '50's, and a lot of other things. Most of my travel has been in a professional or military capacity and I never made it to Oz, at least not yet.

Culinarily, I enjoy food. Having lived in Southern Cal a majority of my life I enjoy a multitude of ethnic flavors. I'm an ice tea drinker (the Los Angeles basin is a coastal desert). But, I also enjoy a good sturdy brew or sipping whiskey now periodically.

I was initially drawn to CD by the computer graphics and stayed for the story and the characters. Thank you David, thank you very much. I've been lurking here for about 2 years. Unless I undergo some dramatic life changes I will continue to lurk. Life is busy.

Keep up the great work. <;,><
All bleeding stops ... eventually. <;,><

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Re: The Introduction Thread

Post by David » Tue Jan 05, 2010 12:00 pm

I'm really surprised and humbled by the number of readers here with a background in the armed services - makes me a little nervous, writing about a war when I have no military experience of my own. Great to have you guys aboard :)

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Re: The Introduction Thread

Post by Sergeant_Crunch » Thu Jan 14, 2010 11:49 am

Hello, I go by Sergeant Crunch online (has nothing to do with the breakfast cereal). I started reading CD a couple years ago and fell off the wagon when I moved to Kansas. Brought myself back up to speed over the weekend and looking forward to more.

I would really love to see a line of licensed CD miniatures so I could fight the Cirin/Daranir War with Starmada.

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Re: The Introduction Thread

Post by Ilmari » Thu Jan 28, 2010 7:10 pm

Hi all,

Aidan Ilmari here - I don't go by any pseudonym online.

South Australia I was born heave away, haul away... South Australia, 'round Cape Horn... Well, not true actually; I was born in England, but I've grown up since babyhood in Adelaide, my very favourite city in the world. So I'm an Aussie by upbringing, though I have mixed New Zealander/Dutch/Finnish heritage and have traveled a lot the last few years, and lived in New Zealand.

I'm a devoted fan of some science fiction, but have specific tastes that exclude a lot of things more general sci-fi fans like, so I have to be careful what I say in certain company. Obviously, Crimson Dark has more than made the grade for me, with stunning artwork, great writing, and an engaging plot. So thanks, David, for your great work.

I am a student of Political Science, and -heh- a strong believer in... democratic socialism. Hail the Cirin Alliance! ;)



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Re: The Introduction Thread

Post by Froggy the Great » Wed Feb 10, 2010 11:17 am

Sergeant_Crunch wrote:I would really love to see a line of licensed CD miniatures so I could fight the Cirin/Daranir War with Starmada.
What he said. Emphatically.

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Re: The Introduction Thread

Post by Anis » Thu Feb 25, 2010 12:49 am

Hello, I'm from the Welsh border. My name's Pam and I'm a writer/journalist - a link to one of my projects is in my siggy if anyone's interested 8-)
Read the about the adventures of the crew of the Martian Freighter Crazy Horse in my seriel novel Alive!

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