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Re: Official "Discuss the latest page" thread

Post by macnut » Tue Nov 20, 2018 3:00 pm

Looks like Kari may not have to worry about that survivors' guilt for long...
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Re: Official "Discuss the latest page" thread

Post by cpuguy1 » Thu Nov 22, 2018 3:15 am

CygnusX1 wrote:
Tue Nov 20, 2018 2:44 am
cpuguy1 wrote:
Tue Nov 20, 2018 2:03 am
Any one heard of 'Running Silence' :?:
Inadvertently ... but it might work.
I would be surprised if it worked... the ship is hot, leaking at least air through all its holes, it just was in combat, it was just transmitting through the radio and I am sure the enemy was already tracking it. The enemy could get confused if they flew behind the station and "glue" themselves to the outer hull of the station. But like this, way in the open? Not a chance.
Yeah ... re-read a bunch of pages (since before the first of October) and saw how newish the gun boats looked. Good chance they will have the latest in radar like technology.

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Re: Official "Discuss the latest page" thread

Post by CygnusX1 » Tue Dec 11, 2018 3:45 am

I was wondering if this is Kari's violin that Daniel gave: ... rip_id=114

but that one was not so red. Or is it just the lighting?

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Re: Official "Discuss the latest page" thread

Post by SFCGator » Thu Dec 13, 2018 5:01 am

Nooo, don't be a broken violin. How about more like a well played Stradivarius that's in need of a bit of tuning and TL maintenance? Be well, take care of yourself and Merry Christmas.

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