Crimson Dark

"Vashnir" class Destroyer

Vashnir Galante Shipyards
Comissioned by the Republic of Daranir

Length: 441m
Beam: 108.5m
Height: 185.5m

Ship's Company: 190 (Officers & Enlisted)
Flight Wing: 12 (Pilots & Support)

2x Triple Heracles 85L Guns
4x Twin Bias 50L Guns
3x Nestor 30L Guns
3x Twin Point-Defense Turrets
2x Torpedo Tubes
1x Heavy Lance

Fighter Craft:
4x Cr-9 "Scimitar" Fighters

First appearance: Page 08.18

Following the launch of the Catellan and Tempest, it was time for the R.A.S.F. to replace the aging Horizon class destroyer. Drawing heavily upon lessons learned from the Tempest, and borrowing a great deal from its general layout, the Vashnir represents the state-of-the art for Republic engineering. Though comissioned before the outbreak of war, the Vashnir was not in wide use until several months after the Battle of White-Rim.


Though not as heavily armed as the Tempest, the Vashnir's better mobility and flexible design make it well-suited to lone wolf operations, though they remain most effective when operating with support vessels.