Crimson Dark


Niobe "Tantalus" class Corvette
Heavily modified

Length: 208 m
Beam: 181 m
Height: 55 m

Crew Capacity: 8
Minimum Crew Requirement: 2

3x Twin 25L Guns
1x Twin Point-Defense Turrets

1x Shuttle Craft ("Chloris")
Hanger can hold one additional small craft

First appearance: Page 01.00

Niobe's exact age is unclear, but the design is at least two centuries old . She has undergone extensive modifications over the years, including the addition of three gun turrets and a point-defense turret which make her unusually powerful for a ship of her class. The original ship class, now decomissioned, was marketed as a luxury yacht for wealthy individuals.

Her most distinctive features are her wing-like stabilisers and her asymmetrical twin-hull layout.


Niobe's General layout.


Niobe Interior
Niobe's Interior layout.


Niobe Combat
Portside-Aft view of Niobe firing her forward main gun, while receiving fire to her portside stabiliser.