Crimson Dark

"Durandal" class Marauder

Durandal Golgotha Shipyards
Custom design

Length: 269.9 m
Beam: 58.8m
Height: 124.7m

Crew Capacity : 16
Minimum Crew: 4

2x 62L Guns
2x Nestor 30L Guns
2x Twin 20L fore-Turrets

First appearance: Page 04.21

The Durandal class is one of several variations of marauders used by the Creer Syndicate. Predatory in concepet, the Durandal's firepower is concentrated forward, making it very powerful when attacking aggressively, but vulnerable to flanking maneauvers.

Action Shots:

A Durandal class marauder taking fire while firing.