Crimson Dark

R.S. Danzig


Taratane Class

Length: 276.8 m
Beam: ?m
Height: ?m

Ship's Company: 78 (Officers & Enlisted)
Flight Wing: 6 (Pilots & Support)

2x Nestor 30L Guns
4x Twin Point-Defense Turrets
2x Missle Launchers

Fighter Craft:
2x Cr-9 "Scimitar" Fighters

First appearance: Page 00.00

The Danzig is one of many Taratane class Frigates used by the Republic for reconnaissance and infiltration behind enemy lines. Danzig's main role was to monitor activity in the contested systems around Pyrsidius, but not to engage the enemy unless absolutely necessary. The Danzig was destroyed during a Cirin ambush in the Forlorn system, with all hands presumed lost.