Crimson Dark



Allegience: Cirin Alliance

Population: 56 million
Socialist Democracy
g = 9.460 m/s2

First appearance: Page 05.18

Near the border between Cirin and Republic space, Farhaven has a warm and arable equator but becomes virtually uninhabitable beyond the 60th parallel (north and south). It is slightly smaller than Earth and its citizens are therefore required to perform regular excercises to keep their muscles strong, compensating for the planet's lower gravity. The planet's economy primarily consists of the production and export of food, as well as tourism and mineral wealth.

Farhaven has recently fallen under siege by the Republic of Daranir, leading to countless deaths, the destruction of infrastructure and the crippling of the planet's economy. Though unremarkable before the war, Farhaven has now become a rallying cry for the Cirin war effort.

Action Shots:

Blue fleet approaching Farhaven as the siege begins.