Crimson Dark

Espenson Station


Allegience: Republic

Station's Company: 1600 (Officers & Enlisted)
Flight Wing: 500 (Pilots & Support)
Civilian Population: 7900

Fighter Craft:
36x Cr-9 "Scimitar" Fighters
12x Cr-16 "Sabre" Heavy Fighters
8x Cr-52 "Zweihander" Bombers

First appearance: Page 02.00

A joint venture between the R.A.S.F. and Radiant Industries, Espenson Station represents the pinnacle of Republic engineering. Though a military base designed for maintaining and repairing capital ships, the station is home to over 10,000 souls and functions like a town where the majority of the population work in the private sector.

Action Shots:

Espenson Action
Espenson Station and various ships.